Rene M. Agredano
Location Independent Writer, Animal Advocate
and Roaming Metalsmith

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re curious about what I do, here it is in a nutshell.

I’m the co-founder of Tripawds, the world’s largest online support community for three legged pets and their people. Tripawds provides free resources, education and support to those whose dog or cat is faced with amputation and oftentimes, bone cancer.

My husband Jim and I created the community when our first dog Jerry lost his leg to osteosarcoma in 2006. Given just four months to live, he beat the odds for two years as the three of us traveled around North America in their RV. Everywhere we went and throughout the Tripawds community, Jerry showed the world that “It’s Better to Hop on Three Legs than Limp on Four!”

Today the Tripawds community at tripawds.com is the leading online resource center for guardians of amputee pets to find guidance, veterinary information, and support, at no cost. In 2014 we formed the Tripawds Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization that maintains the infrastructure required to host and manage the ever growing community. The organization offers many free resources and assistance programs at tripawds.org, including a toll-free helpline and financial aid to help people whose dogs or cats are facing amputation and/or cancer.

When I’m not working on my Tripawds labor of love, I’m a freelance writer and jewelry designer who lives and works from the road in our RV. Since 2007 Jim and I have worked and played our way around North America’s most beautiful spots. We now travel with our current Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray. You can read about our adventures at LiveWorkDream.com.

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