Facade Grants Offered to Local Eureka Businesses

My company was selected for a major rebranding project of the Eureka Redevelopment Agency in Eureka, CA. The scope of the project included designing a new logo and writing and designing new marketing/program materials and their website.

My copywriting skills were utilized to create an informational brochure to promote the Agency’s Facade Grant Program targeted at downtown small businesses. To see the brochure in its entirety, click here.

Website Copy for
Eureka Redevelopment Agency:

Facade Grant Program

An attractive, clean environment is essential for a thriving business district. Eureka’s “Old Town” is once again alive with unique shops, friendly local merchants and year-round events. The Facade Grant program is available to ensure that our storefronts and historic structures are restored and properly maintained in the downtown shopping districts.

Revitalizing Eureka – one building at a time

Implemented in conjunction with Eureka Main Street, the Facade Grant program helps commercial property owners and business tenants in targeted downtown areas to improve the exterior of their buildings. The program helps to improve storefronts and offices, revitalizes neighborhood commercial areas, eliminates blight and enhances the livability of surrounding neighborhoods.

Eligible improvements include:

  • Facade renovation
  • Sign renovation, replacement and repainting
  • Exterior wall repair and painting
  • Window replacement or modification
  • Door replacement
  • Handicap accessibility modifications
  • Planter box installation and permanent landscaping (specifications and maintenance agreement required)
  • Decorative lighting
  • Other improvements that will increase the attractiveness of the building

Buildings must have at least one wall facing the main street. Vacant buildings are eligible if there is a contracted, incoming tenant. Business tenants may apply if the building owner agrees to the repayment clause of the program.

Does your project have impact?

If you would like to apply for a Facade Grant, here are a few things to keep in mind …

Grants will be judged and awarded according to:

  • Impact for the dollars invested
  • Affect of the project on the neighborhood
  • Enhancement of the historic character of the building or neighborhood
  • Physical protection of a deteriorating building

Applicants with approved projects can receive up to 50% of the cost of eligible improvements, with a maximum grant of $7,500. Bonus grants are available for appropriate and tasteful signage, historic restoration and more. The final award amount is an amount agreed upon by the Eureka Redevelopment Agency and Eureka Main Street.

Beautify your building today!
There are no application fees, but fees for the City of Eureka design review process and other permits may apply. Simply contact Eureka Main Street for an application, and submit your design concept to them.

The Review Committee will provide a decision about your project and/or potential grant amount. Throughout the project you’ll keep associated project receipts, which will be submitted to Main Street at the conclusion of the project. Finally, Eureka Main Street will submit your receipts to the Redevelopment Agency for reimbursement to the building owner.
Please contact Eureka Main Street for more details about revitalizing your building:

Eureka Main Street Program
525 Second Street, Suite 105
Eureka, CA 95501
Tel: 707-442-9054
Fax: 707-442-9054

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