Finding the Ideal Workamping Job

A variety of outdoor jobs are open to workampers.Exchanging your time and labor in return for free or reduced rent and other perks at RV parks and other hospitality businesses is called “workamping,” and for many full-time RVers like me, it’s a great way to enhance the lifestyle while saving money on rent. Finding workamping opportunities is relatively easy, but if you don’t put a little effort into the application process, you’ve created a recipe for disaster. To ensure that you don’t end up in a miserable workamping arrangement, here are some easy ways to connect with the right job for your lifestyle and personality, including a few great tips from my current workamping employer, Grant Stoaks, owner and operator of six 55-plus resorts throughout the West.
First, join Workamper News
As the oldest and biggest workamping resource, Workamper News is worth the annual membership price because thousands of employers look for their next team members in the group’s “Awesome Applicants” resume database. Sure, you can dig around for free workamping job listings on the web, but the smaller entities that post them don’t have the staying power or well-earned reputation that Workamper News carries among those folks who do the hiring.
Next, create a resume that shines
I often wonder what makes an “Awesome Applicant” resume stand out on Workamper News, so recently I had the opportunity to ask my employer what he looks for in prospective workampers. Grant Stoaks is owner of one of the top 100 RV Resorts in the U.S., and has been a successful investor in RV resort and manufactured housing communities for more than 30 years. When he casually mentioned to me that he had personally overseen the hiring of about 1,000 workampers, I knew he would have some gems of advice to offer job seekers and he

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