Should You Go Solar?

Solar panels can make RVing more comfortable.Photo Credit: Rene Agredano
I vacuumed my RV the other morning. A few minutes later, my husband used the microwave to warm his coffee. While ordinary domestic scenes like these are usually nothing special, they were significant events in our full-timing lifestyle. That’s because for the first time ever, we were able to do these simple chores while living on power supplied by the sun.
Our previous RV never would have enabled us to enjoy these creature comforts while dry camping. It had a solar power system, but with a lack of rooftop real estate and battery storage capacity, that rig could never provide the kind of robust system our lifestyle required. However last fall when we upgraded to a larger fifth wheel, we knew that we wanted our next system to give us all that we needed to feel comfortable. Shortly after buying our new rig we headed to one of the most highly respected RV solar electric designers in the industry, Mike Gohl of The Sun Works in Southern California.
Ask any RVer from Quartzsite to Yuma and they’ll mention Mike as one of the go-to experts in RV solar electric. He’s been in the business since 1987 and knows the ins and outs of solar power for RVers. Through the years he has installed hundreds of systems in RVs from Prevosts to Casitas. When the day came that we could invest in an all-new system, Mike was our first choice.
We’re so enamored with our new system that I sought out Mike’s expertise for this column in order to help other RVers who are considering a solar investment. During a rare break of calm during his busiest time of the year, we met in his bus conversion/office so I could ask him: what are

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