Travels with Maggie

Lisa and Jim Geiger travel with their dog, Maggie.
Full-time RVers have many reasons for hitting the road, but how many can say they did it for their dog? Giving up a home and possessions to travel in your RV isn’t something most people do and even fewer of us make that move for our beloved canine. But recently I met another couple that, like my husband, Jim, and me, were inspired to sell everything to travel by RV after their dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
A Dog and a Dream
Wanderlust must be contagious because Jim and Lisa Geiger of Dayton, Ohio, apparently caught the bug from her parents. This young, hard-working couple always felt at home in the great outdoors, so when Lisa’s parents became seasonal RV snowbirds they started imagining what it would be like to hit the road themselves. Tragically, Lisa’s father died before he and his wife could live out their dream of transitioning from snowbirds to full-timers. As the years went on, Jim and Lisa yearned for the day that they could enjoy the full-timing life her father always wanted.
“We spent many nights thinking and talking about it,” Lisa shared with me in an email interview. “We talked about how we would support ourselves, the types of RV we would be comfortable living in, the best locations to go and how in the world do we get rid of all of our years of our belongings.”
But we all know how work tends to get in the way of our dreams, while life goes by faster than we want. Yet Lisa and Jim hung onto their “someday” dream. As office manager of a medical billing company, she had the organizational skills that gave her the confidence to know that someday the dream could work. Jim, however, remained

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