Fermentation on Wheels

Hitting the road before retirement age calls for ingenuity and flexibility. Younger full-timers do all sorts of work to support themselves and during my eight years as a full-timer, I thought I’d seen it all, from programmers to pet sitters. But recently I came across Tara Whitsitt, a solo traveler in a renovated school bus, who deserves an award for the most original way of making a living on the road.
A Passion Fuels an Adventure
Tara Whitsitt outfitted a converted school bus to tour the country.Photo Credit: Fermentationonwheels.comTara Whitsitt’s adventure is proof that any kind of successful entrepreneurial project can take place on four wheels. She is the founder of “Fermentation on Wheels” (fermentationonwheels.com), a nonprofit rolling food lab that teaches the value of sustainable eating choices through the lost art of food fermentation and locally grown foods. Since October 2013, Tara has shared her passion for growing and fermenting healthy food while driving her bus coast-to-coast.
In the last two years she has grown legions of food fermentation fans through her free workshops that demonstrate the centuries-old process of food fermentation. If you’ve ever eaten sauerkraut, beer or pickles, you already know about fermented foods, but did you know that with a little instruction (to avoid getting botulism) you can ferment foods yourself—even in your RV?
Food fermentation is a simple process that enables live bacteria to convert a food’s natural sugars into organic acids, gases or alcohol that keep the food from spoiling. The end result is great flavor and an abundance of probiotics that bolster our digestive systems. Tara’s fermentation fascination began when she lived in New York but she really went crazy over it after relocating to Eugene, Oregon, a laid-back college town with a large fan base of home fermenters. It didn’t take long before she felt compelled

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