Earn an RV Living with TeamSnap

A fifth-wheel in a campground is office and home for Kyle Ries.
Earning a living is the biggest roadblock that stops non-retired RVers from living their road trip dreams. Thankfully, many companies are exploring the benefits of hiring qualified employees no matter where (or how) they choose to live, as long as they have reliable Internet connectivity.
One business that works almost exclusively with a distributed group of employees is TeamSnap, a Boulder, Colorado, tech company that creates web and phone apps to manage sports teams. The TeamSnap app allows parents, coaches, team managers and group organizers to communicate about their team through email, text and instant alerts. What makes this business so unusual is that nearly 10 percent of its employees aren’t just remote workers—they are full-time RVers too.
It’s exciting to encounter a company that’s totally fine employing a vagabonding team of techs. From Michelle Muranaka, a junior software developer who lives and works from a Mercedes Sprinter cargo van, to Geoff Lanotte, a senior software developer who full-times with his wife and kids, TeamSnap’s full-time RVers are helping to build a successful company while roaming the country.
In a refreshing outlook that many aspiring full-time RVers would love to experience with their own bosses, TeamSnap co-founder Andrew Berkowitz says, “We genuinely do not care where or how people get their work done. At TeamSnap, we judge people only on results, not on where their desk is located.”
I asked four of the six full-time RVers at TeamSnap about their experiences as remote employees and here’s what they shared with me via email about living and working on the road.
Who or what inspired you to hit the road?
“My fiancée and I both have the travel bug and knew the traditional 15 PTO (paid time off) days for most businesses wouldn’t satisfy our travel

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