Top 10 Things iRV2 RVers are Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving iRV2 members! If you’re kickin’ back in a tryptophan-induced coma from all that turkey you gobbled, what better time to take it easy and reflect on all those cool RVing things we’re all thankful for. See if you agree with our list of:
The Top 10 Things RVers are Thankful For.
1. Lower Fuel Prices

Do you do the happy dance whenever you fill up your RV lately? Look around gas stations, we’re all doing it and with good reason: according to AAA, “Drivers paid the lowest September gas prices since 2010 with the monthly average at $3.39 per gallon, which was about 13 cents less than last year and 44 cents less expensive than 2012.” Woohoo!
2. Warm Winter Climates

Drive down any highway in the sunbelt states and look at the license plates on RVs: the snowbird migration is in full-swing! Although nobody seems to have official statistics for the number of Americans who flee to warmer climates in winter, The Canadian Snowbird Association says that the top five snowbird states of California, Arizona, Texas and Hawaii have the most appealing weather during the coldest winter months.
3. Quiet Neighbors

Anyone who’s stayed in a crowded RV park knows that privacy can be a luxury in some places. No matter how well-built the RV is, a rolling home on wheels has thin walls so neighbors who can keep their daily vocalizations to themselves are always greatly appreciated. And for those who prefer boondocking in the wild, There are no more excuses for toting around old, noisy rattletrap generators behind the RV now that RV solar power is cheaper and more easily available than ever before.
4. Pull-through RV Sites

Even though you have 20 years of RVing under your belt, there’s nothing like pulling into a pull-through parking spot at the end of a long,

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