Follow the Fun: a Pace Arrow 37J Remodel Project

Most RVers are intimidated when they see a vintage RV remodel project, but a special few have what it takes to dive in and git ‘er done. Take for instance coolkx, a new member who joined after acquiring this Pace Arrow 37J — for free!
Kicking off the Pace Arrow Remodel with a Tow
“…for the nay sayers whom will contend that this isn’t “worth it”, and just to buy a newer one. I paid $0 for it, well, I paid $1000 to get it towed, so I can afford some investment and sweat equity.”

In the first forum post about the Pace Arror remodel, coolkx says that input from the knowledgeable members of the iRV2 community will be greatly appreciated as the project gets underway:
“I am sharing my restoration efforts of a newly acquired Pace Arrow 37j. . . Hopefully you’ll tune in periodically and voice some opinions on approach and to see some cool transformation photos. I want the interior to be ultra modernized, but will likely keep most of the cabinets. “

This project is not for the squeamish. coolkx adds:
“Since, I am un-intimidated by hard work, what would you all propose to address the flooring and ceiling? I have to remove a lot of smoke from the ceiling regardless, and I presume this will promote further sagging.
I am in a highly arbitrary environment with this build, in other words, I’ve never worked on RV’s before, but am very handy and am a tool junkie, so I am sure I can handle most anything. I just don’t like scratching my head on the approach, and currently, I am generated a plethora of dandruff (jk).”

The Pace Arrow has a solid reputation as one of the most deluxe Class A coaches ever built. With high quality construction, sturdy materials and dedication behind it,

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