RV Showerhead Reviews Rave About Ecocamel Jetstorm

If you had to name one of your favorite things about RVing, odds are good that taking a RV shower probably wouldn’t make it onto your top ten list. Weak water pressure, cheap RV shower heads and small spaces combine to make RV showers a letdown. Thankfully a whole new generation of high pressure, water saver RV showerheads are making it to store shelves, like the new Ecocamel Jetstorm RV showerhead.

The new Ecocamel Jetstorm is manufactured by experts who know about living in tight quarters: the London-based company has a solid reputation in the European caravanning market for RV accessories and is now expanding across the pond into North America. The Jetstorm is their big seller for RV shower heads and with good reason:

Full-flow, spa-like shower experience at a money-saving price
Helps reduce your water consumption, especially when boondocking
Saves energy because it gets you clean faster than an ordinary shower head
Fast and easy universal fitting, no tools required

“Just installed the Jetstorm a few days ago, it took about five minutes to install, and have tried it out using the direct water line from our house and with just the RV’s pump. I cannot say enough about its performance. Best $40.00 I’ve spent on the RV in a long, long time, if ever. I would say the pressure from this showerhead is superior to many showers I’ve taken in the washrooms in many campgrounds. If you’re tired of running around in your RV’s shower stall to get wet, then this is your solution.” – iRV2 member Tracus
Does the Jetstorm Live Up to the Hype?
In less than one minute you can replace your old RV showerhead with no tools or plumbing modifications. Ecocamel’s Jetstorm works by forcing air into the water stream through a small hole at the base of the handle. When

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