Top Five Reasons to Love Christmas in the RV

Happy Holidays iRV2 members! We hope you’re having a fun time celebrating the most festive phase of the year no matter where you’re parked.

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time RVer, if you hit the road for the holidays and your friends and family think you’re nuts for celebrating the Christmas season on the open road, we’ve got five great reasons that will prove to them that you’re having way more holiday fun than they are!
The Top Five Reasons to Love Christmas in the RV
Reason #1: There’s not enough seating for every family member. Oh darn, your RV only sits four, maybe six people comfortably. That leaves out the annoying siblings, feuding cousins and other irritating relatives you’d feel obligated to invite if you lived in a stick house.
Reason #2: RV kitchens are too small to cook a big dinner. With ovens that can barely fit a chicken and counter space that’s hardly adequate for prepping side dishes, RV kitchens are only big enough to prepare small meals for a select few people (as in, those you really want to celebrate with, preferably those without allergies to everything under the sun!).

Reason #3: RV Christmas decorations are kept to a tasteful minimum. Although some people’s definition of “minimal” Christmas decorations can be different from others, no matter what you drive, odds are that your RV just doesn’t have room for the volume of Christmas décor you had when you lived in a stick-house. For most RVers, Christmas decorations for the RV don’t take up nearly as much space as what used to fit in the stick-house garage. What’s left are the special decorations that have real meaning instead of just creating clutter.
Reason #4: Your Christmas tree doesn’t make a mess inside your home. What could be better than the aromatic scent of

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