From Hot to Cold, a Season of Extremes

Tonight’s low temperature is plummeting into the 20s – again, and as I sit here with the heater running, waiting for Jim to finish making homemade noodle soup for dinner, it’s hard to believe that we are in Southern California. We pride ourselves on doing our best to avoid winter weather but this year there seems to be no escaping Mother Nature’s wrath, even in the Golden State.
This season’s crazy winter started with a torrential downpour while parked in Las Vegas around Halloween and hasn’t stopped yet. Although there were small breaks of sunshine and higher temperatures that peaked at around 65, we haven’t had the kind of winter that snowbirds like us are used to. I can’t say that I’m surprised though: since Jim and I started full-timing in 2007, everywhere from the Dakotas to Florida, people say “The weather’s just not like it used to be anymore.” Since we aren’t used to being in one place very long, I can’t vouch for that but what I can tell you is that full-timers like us are going to see a lot more wild weather caused by climate change, and we’d better get used to it by being prepared.
During the last few months we’ve learned a few new things about staying comfortable (and calm) in all sorts of crazy weather. These things might seem second nature to RVers who’ve been doing it all their lives, but to us, it’s all new. Funny how that even after all this time on the road we are still learning and especially when we’re camped off-grid. Some of the lessons we’ve learned this winter include:
Always empty the water lines on cold nights. One morning after what was probably the coldest night we’ve ever spent boondocking in our four season rig, we awoke to find

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