Why Winter Camping in Quartzsite is a Must for Every RVer

Quartzsite is a mecca for winter snowbirds in the southwest. Located about 15 miles east of the California and Arizona borders, this tiny town set surrounded by a vast desert landscape is where thousands of RVers flock together every January and February. If you’ve never been to Quartzsite, home to the world’s largest RV rally, here are eight reasons why winter camping in Quartzsite is a must for your RVing destinations list.

1. Quartzsite is the biggest RV rally on the planet.
You won’t believe the huge variety of rigs you’ll see at Quartzsite RV rallies, it’s a RV enthusiast’s dream! From vintage fiberglass trailers to painstakingly restored Flxible bus conversions to ultra posh Newell motor coaches, Quartzsite is the best place to see the amazing variety of RVs that people call home. As you hop from campsite to campsite, you’ll get whiplash from constantly turning your head to check out the amazing varieties of RVs.
2. You’ll get firsthand tips and tricks from other RV owners.
Each January Quartzsite becomes a hands-on learning session for RVers. Whether you decide to set down your jacks in an owner’s group rally for your particular RV, or you want to rally hop to different owner’s groups because you’re trying to pinpoint your dream rig, you’ll have dozens of formal and informal learning sessions that can give you the real scoop about the RV that you own or just ones that catch your eye.
3. RV manufacturers and vendors offer on-site servicing, tips and tricks.

Quartzsite is a great chance to get your rig in prime condition for the rest of the snowbird season and beyond. That’s because manufacturers know that the annual gathering is an easy way to showcase their RV goods and services to thousands of RVers, all camped out in one location with plenty of time

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