See the Lego Teardrop Trailer Set a World Record

We call our favorite outdoor activity ‘RVing’ but across the Atlantic those cheeky Brits refer to it as “caravanning,” and what better way to celebrate 130 years of RVing in Europe than building the world’s largest Lego teardrop trailer?
Guess how many Legos it takes to build a life-sized trailer?

The photos might look pixelated to you but we promise they’re not. What you’re seeing here is a true-to-life, 12′ long by 7′ tall teardrop trailer made completely out of Lego interlocking bricks. The giant plastic Lego RV was unveiled to the public last Fall at the popular Motorhome and Caravan Show 2015 in Birmingham, England, where Guinness World Records officials officially sanctioned the cute little rig as “The World’s Largest Lego Caravan.”
You can even stand up inside this Lego RV.

If the trailer looks familiar that’s because you’ve seen its counterpart in campgrounds around the world. Inspired by a T@B teardrop trailer, the professional Lego design team of Bright Bricks accurately created the Lego caravan to mirror everything featured in and out of the popular camper. The Bright Bricks team has previously built everything from a real working jet engine to a room-sized replica of Wembley Stadium, so they are no stranger to large-scale Lego reproductions.
Twelve people worked on the record-breaking Lego project.

A team of twelve “LEGO Certified Professional Builders” from Bright Bricks (yes, people really do this for a living!) labored in tight quarters for over 1,000 hours to create this Lego RV. It took the Lego architects exactly 215,158 interlocking plastic bricks to turn it into the life-sized Lego teardrop trailer.
The team left nothing out of the plastic RV. In just twelve weeks they created all the fully-functioning RV trailer amenities you would see in a real teardrop trailer, including:

a sink with running water
electric lights
a bed
chess set
even simulated cooking facilities

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