NASA Engineer Designs a Cool Expedition Camping Trailer for (Almost) Any Car

Expedition camping trailer designs are more compact, rugged and feature-rich than ever and the brand new Taxa TigerMoth trailer is leading the pack. Brought to you by the inventive Texas designer who made a big splash with the Cricket pop-up trailer, now he’s introducing another NASA-inspired concept dubbed the Taxa TigerMoth, an all-terrain base camp that’s towable by most typical passenger cars.
Meet the Cricket Trailer’s Little Brother

Nimble, tough and agile with 12” of ground clearance and beefy 15” wheels, this 900-pound micro camper hauls all the gear you need for exploring the outback. The TigerMoth’s exterior features a rugged rooftop cargo/observation deck and extended hitch tongue that gives owners extra storage space. Inside, the trailer’s stylish living quarters are always accessible to campers, even when the trailer isn’t completely set up.
Only a NASA engineer could create something this cool.

Feeling lazy? The 8′-long interior space features a convertible couch inside for lounging during the day, or sleeping up to two at night. You’ll get closer to nature with the TigerMoth’s three large, swing out doors featuring huge picture windows for cross-ventilation. There’s even a side hatch that lets you load, unload and fling open the door on warm sunny days.
When you’re ready for your first camping meal, just pull out the TigerMoth’s 48”-long galley. This long box slides out to create a complete outdoor kitchen and features a 5.5 sq. ft. counter space with inlaid cutting surface, a hand pump faucet and a 5-gallon water tank. Underneath the galley box there’s a long storage cubby that stores additional cooking necessities like your camping stove, serving ware and food.
This expedition camping trailer doesn’t need roads.

Adding to your comfort in the outdoors is the trailer’s fully integrated electrical system. Those bright engineers designed the TigerMoth to have optional solar electric power capabilities that

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