How to Avoid Flat Spots on your Trailer Tires

Trailer tires are supposed to be round, not square. But when you get your RV out of storage this spring, what will be the shape of your RV tires?
Many people keep their RVs in winter storage. But even if they do everything right and winterize according to manufacturer’s instructions, there’s one thing most will neglect to do: get the RV up off the ground. Taking weight off the tires is critical for safety reasons.

Allowing your trailer to sit directly on the ground for extended periods of time can cause a problem with your tires known as “flat spotting.” This occurs because tires have memory: when they don’t move for any length of time they remember the position in which they were parked. The spot on each tire that was in direct contact with the ground can remain even after the spring camping season begins and you start driving your RV again.
When the wheel finally turns and the flat spot makes repeated contact with the road, that angled portion of the tire will cause vehicle vibration and handling difficulty. Sometimes the tire will return to its original shape and you won’t have a problem. But if your trailer has been sitting a while your tires may not become round again. In time the flat spot can serve as the catalyst for tire failure. Flat spots become weaker than the rest of the tire, they can blister and become the origins of premature wear and tear.

The best way to avoid flat spots on trailer tires when your rig is in storage is to get it up off the ground. Until now, the only way people could get trailers off the ground was to put them on vehicle jack stands. And while jack stands are strong enough to hold a trailer up, they

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