Shifting Gears from Suburbia to Full-Time RVing

Kelly and Stephen Brown are young full-timers from Florida who recently said goodbye to their traditional stick house existence and ventured into full-time RVing with their three dogs. Photos courtesy of photos Kelly & Stephen Brown
For the last several years the Internet has been a game-changer for anyone with the drive to be a self-employed, traveling freelancer. Every day another non-retired RVer hits the road for a life of adventure, like Kelly and Stephen Brown. These young full-timers from Florida recently said goodbye to their traditional stick house existence and shifted gears into Full-Time RVing with their three dogs.
For years Kelly and Stephen had enjoyed the benefits of suburban life, but several years of the daily grind finally got to them in 2015. “We came to the realization that life wasn’t quite working out for us the normal way,” wrote Kelly in the couple’s blog. Returning home from vacations was always a letdown and no time away from their routine was ever long enough. “We simply were not happy doing the 9-5 most of the year with only a few weeks to ‘be ourselves,’” she says.
Stephen and Kelly Brown with their four-legged traveling companions.
Something had to change but they didn’t know exactly what. They thought about a life of full-time travel but as dedicated dog parents, worldwide vagabonding was out of the question. While pondering all the ways they might find their happiness in the greater world, an intriguing option appeared on the horizon: RVing.
Although they knew little about the lifestyle, the one thing they knew for certain was that RVing was the perfect way for the whole pack to see the country and all the adventures new scenery could bring.
Two Young Full-timers with a Plan
The timing for Kelly and Stephen’s revelation was perfect. His job as a software developer

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