Two Families Stick Together to Go Full-time RVing with Kids

The Forest and Vielhaber families.
Full-time RVing with Kids, Pets and Spouses Too!

Imagine embarking on a permanent road trip with a new friend, their spouse and their three kids. How long could you do it? Could your friendship survive the ups and downs of full-timing with kids, pets and spouses? The Vielhaber and Forest families took that leap of faith almost two years ago and today their families are still exploring the continent together.
If someone had told Jennifer Vielhaber, 39, and Catherine Forest, 37, that their six kids, two husbands and one dog would team up to travel the continent in search of adventures they would have laughed at the notion. But in 2014 when the two families crossed paths at an Oregon RV park, a once-in-a-lifetime friendship blossomed and full-time road tripping for them hasn’t been the same since.
“When you start living on the road you hope that you’re going to meet other people, other families that you connect with,” says Catherine. “If someone would have told me that you’re going to travel with this other family I would be like “No way!” After all, who could guess that a family from Wisconsin and another from Quebec, Canada, would share so many things in common. Each grew up speaking different languages but once they became friends, they realized how family values can transcend cultures and bring people together.
How often do two totally different families connect on the road?
“How often do you meet a family where the parents can be best friends, the kids can be best friends, and everybody connects? The reality is that it doesn’t happen very often,” says Jennifer.
Both parents, the Vielhaber’s three kids (ages 13, 11 and 9) and the Forest’s (age 11 and two 10-year old twins) became fast friends from day one. They enjoyed each

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