An Illness Doesn’t Have to End Your Dream of Full-Timing

Chronic health conditions or a serious illness are a big reason why many aspiring full-timers don’t hit the road – and who can blame them? But while there’s no doubt that managing health care needs (and going full-time with an Illness on the road) can be challenging, Christina Harris is proof that full-timing with illness doesn’t have to end your dream.
Their Full-timing Adventure, Interrupted
After Christina was diagnosed with Cancer, she and Jena chose to look for ways they could continue living the RV lifestyle they loved while coping with whatever was ahead. Photo:
Christina was 38-years old when she and her partner Jena, 41, hit the road in their Lazy Daze motorhome in search of adventure. As a remote worker for an Internet-based company, Christina knew she could make a living anywhere. Jena opted for short-term work in carpentry and state park volunteering. Together the possibilities were endless for these Floridians, but after two years of meandering around the U.S., their lives turned upside down when they were staying in Key West. That’s when an ear infection sent Christina to the doctor and put the ball in motion for a course of life-changing events.
“I decided that I’d go to the VA to have it looked at when we got back to Gainesville, FL,” says the former Navy personnel member. “Gainesville is our home base and we were headed there to volunteer at the Paynes Prairie State Park,” she says.
“I’d just turned 40 and  thought it was a good idea to get all my checkups done at the same time. So when they treated my ear infection, they also setup all the annual exams – including my first mammogram. That’s when they found the cancer.”
At that point, most people would have ditched their RV for the comfort and security of a

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