The Biggest Challenge for New Full-Time RVers

People who are planners often try hard to prepare for what’s around the bend. For example, many RVers with dreams of hitting the road for good often ask: What’s the biggest challenge for new full-time RVers?
Too much stuff? Try full-timing in one of these.
In the iRV2 Lifestyles Discussion Forum about Full-timing, long-time supporter MSHappyCampers posed this popular question to members:
After you started full-timing, what was your biggest challenge? By that I mean the one thing that you had the most trouble adjusting to, such as:
1. Living in a “tiny house”
2. Leaving family and friends
3. Giving up the sticks and bricks
Fact-finding missions in places like this forum is an ideal place to begin the transition to this fun, new lifestyle. Member feedback from those who have “been there/done that” is often enlightening and helpful when it comes to planning and execution. This wisdom can even save you money.
The Biggest Challenge for New Full-time RVers May Surprise You
The biggest challenge that full-time RVers reported may surprise you. Can you guess what it is?
I missed my shop and my tools. – MaverickBBD
It was also really hard to pare down decades worth of stuff to a few cubic feet. I’m still not done . . . – cwsqbm
Our biggest challenge was downsizing. Everyone can say the words but doing it is another story. What to keep, what to toss . . . – Finally
The answers were telling. The biggest challenge for new full-time RVers wasn’t breaking ties with community, or living in a small space, it was letting go of possessions.
My husband and I were the exact same way. When we hit the road we thought we downsized and got rid of excess clutter. We had a moving and storage company haul the rest into storage. Two years later when we returned to the

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