Down-sized and Retired: Farmer Enjoys the Full-Timing Lifestyle

It doesn’t take long for new full-time RVers to understand that even the most run-of-the-mill destination has hidden adventures if you just stay a little longer. Solo full-timer Tom Hatfield discovered this universal truth when he sold his farm and hit the road almost two years ago at the age of 63. Today, he’s loving the full-timing life.
Loving the Full-Timing Life Solo
Out exploring the tallest peaks. Image: T. Hatfield.
“For 25 or 30 years I just went on vacation,” says the lifelong RVer. “When you go on vacation, you see what’s on the highway and the major attractions in town. But when you go some place and you live there for two, three, four months at a time, you learn the area. You see things the tourists don’t. You don’t see what a community has to offer by just spending a week on Main Street,” he explains with a twinge of a Southern accent.
Hatfield is now well-acquainted with the joys of life on the road. As a solo traveler with nothing but his 39′ Keystone fifth wheel, Ford F350 and minimal personal possessions to call his own, he’s enjoying the untethered existence so many aspiring full-timers dream about. But he didn’t always follow the freewheeling life, he says.
The former director of safety for a major trucking firm, Hatfield is a 65-year old native of Joplin, MO. During his career he lived a traditional life with all of the material things that go along with it. When the idea of full-timing grew intriguing enough, he knew he had to make the leap while his health was still good. While diving headfirst into the downsizing process, he made some important discoveries.
Wise Downsizing Advice
“The hardest part was turning loose 50 years of stuff. You turn loose your past and your history,” he explains. “Then

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