The Biggest Full-Time RVing Money Challenges

Many people think RV travel might is a carefree, worry-free existence. But full-time RVing money challenges are always on the horizon. For many working-age, young full-time RVers, their daily reality is different than that of their retired counterparts. Many perch precariously between personal fulfillment and financial destitution.
Full-Time RVing Money Challenges for a Nü Generation
Finances can be precarious for young full-time RVers. Image: TheDigitalWay
“We’re not your granddad’s RVing community,” warns the club NüRVers on its homepage. In 2008 the community debuted in the RVing world because then forty-something Kevin Ewert built a website to find other non-retired young full-time RVers like himself. Today, his group gathers on Facebook, where they share the ups and downs of the lifestyle.
Most NüRVers members will agree that making a living as a young full-time RVer isn’t necessarily any easier than their old traditional life. Many within enjoy a simpler existence and lighter daily workload. However, the payback is a smaller income that doesn’t always cover costs.
Some common financial challenges
Debbie Bradford knows about full-time RVing money challenges. She travels with her two dogs, one that recently needed hospitalization.
“For me unexpected veterinary bills (are a challenge),” she says. “Thankfully I am at Camperforce this fall to cover it. When all is said and done, I’ll be spending about $4,000 on my dog in just two months. He will be fine, but this wasn’t expected.”
Like other young full-time RVers, Bradford makes ends meet by finding short term seasonal workamping jobs. “Thankfully I have savings to go into and thankfully I have Amazon to pay back that savings. However, I’d expected to head out west to Arizona about $8,000 richer so as not to have to work the winter months. Now I’m thinking I better find a job out there.”
Getting online from coast-to-coast is one of the driving forces

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