Three Tips For Solo Women Full-time RVers

Wanderlust knows no gender. It seems these days we are seeing more and more solo women RVers hitting the road to adventure. Recently, we met Debby Bradford, a dedicated solo full-timer who doesn’t seem to let anything interrupt her travels.
Full-time solo RVer Debby Bradford says she was a little scared of driving her large rig for the first few hours. Now, she says “it’s a piece of cake.”
A few years ago Debby left her corporate life behind for an early retirement in the tropics. She lived the Margaritaville dream, but full-time RVing kept calling to her. When corporate America lured her back with a lucrative job offer, she accepted. Her intention was to buy and pay off off her new RV, then quit and hit the road. However, four days after signing loan papers for a pristine 2006 Winnebago Sightseer 26P, she got a layoff notice.
Debby with her dogs Barkley and Rexford.
“I looked hard at finances and realized that I felt I was dying a slow death in corporate America. After all, there was a reason why I retired young. So, I started looking for workamping jobs and when I found my first one I never looked back,” she says.
Today, Debby and her dogs Barkley and Rexford are exploring the eastern half of the U.S. This certified SCUBA instructor has landed great jobs on the road, ranging from lifeguarding in Florida’s Ocala National Forest to a dive store assistant/tour guide in Key Largo. She’s currently part of the Amazon Camperforce team in Kentucky and next summer she’ll head to a job in Yellowstone National Park. Debby enjoys sharing what she’s learned along the way. So, we asked her what she thought are the best three tips for aspiring solo women RVers.
Want to Join Solo Women Full-time RVers? Do This:
1. Be

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