Three Tips to Help You Tackle Annual RV Maintenance Jobs

Living in your RV can be cheaper than being a homeowner. For example, RV park rent typically costs less than a monthly mortgage payment. Unfortunately, the lower cost of living still doesn’t excuse us from paying for annual RV maintenance jobs. So, whether you`re a full-timer (or even an extensive traveler), checking those critical chores off our to-do list is necessary if we want our road trip adventures to continue. These three tips can help you deal with this part of RVing and to ensure worry-free travels down the road.
How do full-timers deal with annual maintenance chores? Photo: iRV2 member jerichorick
How to Deal with Annual RV Maintenance Jobs
The internet is full of RV maintenance checklists, which include tasks like prepping your RV for spring. But don’t put the cart before the horse today. Instead take a 10,000-foot look at tackling annual RV maintenance whether you live on the road or are a frequent traveler.
Maintenance is something to stay atop of for your RV. Photo courtesy
1. Budget for Annual RV Maintenance Costs
RV maintenance costs differ from rig to rig. Generally speaking, towables have a lower cost of ownership than motor homes. However, those numbers can change if your rig is used and wasn’t properly maintained before you bought it. Consult your owner’s manuals and seek out RV maintenance checklists to learn which annual jobs apply to your RV.
With a list in hand, call RV service centers to get an estimate for big ticket jobs like engine service. Try to call one urban service center and one rural service center to get a feel for how prices will fluctuate depending on where you are when the work needs to be done.
Taking on too big of a maintenance job can be a disaster if you’re not up to the challenge. Photo by Fugitive861 member

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