Solo RVer Clubs Take The Lonely Out Of Alone

Full-time RV travel without a partner is unthinkable to some people. But being alone on the road isn’t impossible and many people find it fun and enjoyable. Whether you’re partnered with someone, newly single, or just yearning to get on the road by yourself, consider joining any of the many solo RVer clubs that can help you do it with confidence. The best part is you don’t even need to be a full-timer to join.
Solo RVer clubs create community on the road.
She didn’t wait to travel the world. (Image: fmcnair iRV2 Forums).
This 74-years young solo RVer shipped her small HYMAR, class B from Graz, Austria to the Americas. “Thus far she has put on over 44000 miles. In a few months, she wants to go south to Mexico, Central America, and on south into South America,” writes iRV2 member fmcnair. Clearly she didn’t want to wait for a partner to make the epic journey.
But what happens when a solo RVer actually doesn’t want to be alone? That’s when one of the many active solo RVer clubs can fill the need. You don’t have to look far to find one. “It’s nice to have the option of being in a group. When you make friends in the clubs and you go the same route sometimes, it’s nice to know you’ll run into a friendly face!” writes GraciesMom in the iRV2 Discussion Forums. Some clubs like the LoWs (Loners on Wheels) have a conservative feel, others are a little wild and many have a particular focus such as religion or hobbies.
Wandering Individuals Network (WIN)
This solo RVer club has such an active events calendar that there’s no excuse to sit around feeling lonely. Like most full-timers, WIN member events move north during summer and fly south for winter. WIN boasts up to 120 different

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