Generator issue

I have a 2001 Winnebago adventurer. Haven’t had an issue with the generator until today. Hasn’t been started for a couple months.I started the generator and it ran for about a min. tried to start it again and it would not start, just crank. hit it with starting fluid and it sort of tried to start. At this point I was not smelling any gas at all. Tank is almost full. I got a little container of gas and a 16′ piece of 1/4 ” clear tubing. I sucked gas into the tube and blew it into the carb twice. Hit the start and it started and ran smooth. I thought I would just let it run for a while. It ran for about 3 min and died. I tried the gas thing again and it would start but not stay running. This time it would die almost immedeatly. any ideas

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