Get A Full-time RVing Reality Check With New Guidebook

The only way to become a nomad is to do it. The full-time RVing reality check happens after you jump in. So when Donna Fisher-Jackson and her husband Jim hit the road they were as green as new full-timers can get. “We had never owned an RV before so when we decided to sell everything and hit the road, there was a steep learning curve,” she recalls. Three years after their trial-by-fire full-timing adventure, Donna now shares their lessons learned in her book called “Living the RV Lifestyle: Practical Advice and Personal Tales from Life on the Road.”
Full-time RVing reality check: it’s a lifestyle, not a vacation
Jim and Donna’s marriage grew stronger as full-time RVers. (Image: D. Fisher-Jackson)
Living in your RV full-time may look like a non-stop party to the untrained eye. However Donna can vouch that it certainly is not. “ You still need to do the laundry, grocery shop, etc,” she says. Trying to balance domestic chores with the RVing learning curve is a challenge for most people. Toss in the need to earn a living while constantly changing locations and the business of learning how to be a nomad turns into a full-time occupation. For anyone who needs to manage all of these lifestyle factors, Donna’s new book lives up to its promise of providing practical advice for success. A short sampling of topics she covers includes:

How to choose your first full-timing RV
Practical and emotional tips for downsizing belongings
How to help your pets adjust and be comfortable
Common mistakes new full-timers make
Considerations about leaving the lifestyle behind you.

Full-timing lessons learned together and apart
New book shares the couple’s practical lifestyle tips.
In her time as a full-time RVer Donna found that many people were curious about the lifestyle. Eventually she felt compelled to share what she had already learned. “I

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