Can Your RV Propane System Explode & Kill You On The Road?

One of the most popular questions RVers ask each other is: can my RV propane system explode on the highway? A propane safety expert will probably say that it can and you should leave it off while driving. But ask any RVer if they bother to shut off the RV refrigerator on the highway and they’ll most likely say “Never.” The reality is that modern RV propane systems are safe compared to yesteryear’s models. But the risk of an explosion is still there.
Can your RV refrigerator kill you? Maybe. (Image: Anythingwithanengine Media
Despite warnings from propane safety experts, most RVers leave their system on while in transit. “I gotta have ice for Happy Hour so I run the fridge,” says iRV2 member Polyian. The vast majority polled in a discussion titled “Run fridge on propane on the road?” agree. Another member, parkerbill, says, “We always drive with our fridge on propane. Our fridge is on the opposite side of the TT and fuel input on my truck and it’s always sticking well back from the gas pumps, so I don’t turn it off when refueling.”
Can your RV propane system explode on the highway?
Old-Biscuit also chimed in about the risk factor in leaving your system on. “Circuit boards have ‘safety’ requirements that must be meet prior to allowing gas valves to operate (DC Voltage thru t-stats, thermal fuses, sail switches, limit switches etc.) RV propane system is a very safe system and if not safe to use while in transit I would not want to use it while sleeping,” he explains.
However as this RV propane tank explosion shows, accidents happen.

This RV caught fire at the gas station. It may or may not be the result of a propane tank explosion. But if this RV driver left the propane system on, they’re

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