Spray Away Those Noisy RV Slide Out & Window Squeaks

How many times have you been the center of attention while pulling into a campground? After you finally nail backing into a tight spot, there’s nothing like adding your ear-splitting slide out and window squeaks to campground ambiance. Now you can avoid being in the spotlight with two new RV slide-out and window lubricants made by the experts at 3-in-One.
Eliminating squeaky RV slide outs starts with professional grade products.
RV slide-out and window squeals happen for a few common reasons. Sometimes the slide-out squealing noise comes from frozen rubber rollers underneath the slide. Other times RV window frames fill with road dust and grime, which results in noisy friction when opening and closing them. Consistent use and exposure to the elements lead to wear and tear on moving parts that can make them sound awful and wear faster. It seems there’s just no end to the squeaks and rattles that happen as a result of homes that roll down the highway.
Play it safe with RV-specific products
The good news is you can do something about it. First, stay on top of RV maintenance. Annually cleaning and lubricating all components can help reduce annoying noise and help prolong the life of moving parts. Using a product like RV Care Slide-Out Silicon Lube also helps.
But before you reach for WD-40 or any old silicon lube, stop. You can make your RV slide out and window squeaks even worse if you reach for a product that isn’t designed for use on fiberglass or rubber parts. That’s why you want to play it safe with RV-specific products.
Only use slide-out and window products made for RVs.
The 3-in-One line is made for RV maintenance and safe on rubber, metal, and most types of plastic. Here’s how it works:

Fully extend slide-out.
Remove any rust or chipping paint from tracks with

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