How Old Is Too Old To Full-time RV?

The full-time RVing demographic is changing. People are living well into their “golden years” and staying on the road longer. Full-time RVers are younger too, enjoying the lifestyle earlier than ever before. Somewhere in the middle lies the sweet spot of the ideal age to hit the road. This may lead one to wonder: how old is too old to full-time RV?
iRV2 member BluePill hits the road solo.
Age, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. For example, take one eighty year old man who stays active and healthy and put him next to a counterpart of the same age who sits in a chair all day. The first will probably tell you that age is just a number, while the other will gripe about how getting older stinks. Which one do you think will be a stronger, safer full-time RVer on the road?
If you’ve always dreamed of hitting the road but think you waited too long, think again. The time to do what you love is always “now” but before you take this major leap, first examine your attitudes about aging. How you handle age-related changes makes all the difference in how well you adapt to the nomadic lifestyle no matter what physical challenges you currently face.
“We started full time 4 years ago. We’re both 78 now and just wish we’d started sooner,” writes iRV2 member Chet, aka super_rep. “We’re having a lot of fun spending our kids inheritance, which neither of them need. As long as you’re able, go for it,” says the driver of a 45-foot Monaco coach.
Ways aging can affect full-time RVing
Most people agree that if you’re even asking the question, “Am I too old to full-time RV?” then you’re probably not too old to hit the road. Of course there are considerations. Physical

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