Weedcamping Your Way To Seasonal Income On The Road

Weedcamping. It was destined to become a verb in the full-time RVing community. With marijuana legalization sweeping the nation, the cannabis marijuana plant harvest has joined the ranks of short term but lucrative seasonal workamping jobs such as the sugar beet harvest workers and Amazon warehouse fulfillment staffing. Interested? Here’s what you need to know to apply for jobs.
Weedcamping 101 For Newbies
Workers are in demand for weedcamping harvest jobs.
Even before it became legal in most states, each fall thousands of “trimmigrants” would flock to marijuana growing regions like Northern California and Oregon. They came for the annual cannabis harvest. Young and old, they arrived in droves to harvest mature cannabis plant buds and prepare them for market. Back then the harvest and its related subculture of migrant workers was always under wraps in mainstream society. But now that marijuana legalization has occurred in most states, even your everyday full-time RVer is profiting from industry growth.
In a legal marijuana world, today’s modern marijuana growers are struggling to fill a growing market demand. They’re reaching out to a broader workforce that includes full-time RVers. Their efforts to find marijuana harvest workers are displayed in mainstream publications like Workamper News.
Legit marijuana producers advertise in mainstream workamping magazine.
Many in the full-time RVing community have dubbed this line of work “Weedcamping” and they’re expressing an interest in joining the boom.

“I did the potato sugar beet harvest last year received a 100lbs of potatoes. Wonder what the weed harvest bonus is?” — Les B.

Snickering aside, the industry is legit and now hiring. “We place people in a variety of positions including supply chain, operations, packaging, trimmers, warehouse, administrative, bud tenders, IT professional, marketing, packaging and every other area of the cannabis industry,” announces the Rogue Staffing company that fills jobs for Oregon’s marijuana producers.
Things to consider before applying for harvest jobs
Aspiring weedcamping harvest workers

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