Freak RV Towing Accident Caused by Flying Ratchet Tie Town

Think about the last time you tossed an object into the back of your pickup truck and didn’t think twice about it. Most objects stay put but sometimes they don’t. One Canadian recently survived a freak RV towing accident when a flying ratchet tie down caused nearly $6,000 in damage to a truck towing a fifth wheel trailer.
Freak RV Towing Accident Caused by Ordinary Ratchet Tie Down

First the window shattered.
Nobody ever expects to join the freak RV towing accident club. But that’s exactly what happened to a Canadian snowbird hauling his triple-axle toy hauler fifth wheel last season.
The return trip from the Southwest to Canada was just like any other during the last five years. Canadian snowbird John Smith (not his real name) was enjoying an uneventful drive north in West Virginia while towing his 2009 Chevy Silverado and 40′ toy hauler down the highway. Life was good at 55 miles-per-hour until the split second he felt a sickening jerk motion coming from the rear, followed by a loud “Pop!” explosion from the cab window. Shocked and uncertain about what just happened, Smith instantly took his foot off the accelerator to stop the rig. He glanced in his rear view mirror and couldn’t believe what he saw.
Then the ratchet tie down fell between the cab and truck bed.
The Chevy window shattered to pieces.
He managed to safely pull the 50-plus foot rig over to the shoulder. All he could see was shattered glass when he looked around the truck. But then he spotted a mysterious liquid trailing from underneath. At that moment he understood the gravity of the situation. Smith quickly got he and his wife out of the truck, walked a good distance and then called his emergency roadside assistance provider. Within minutes they arrived on the scene. After dropping

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