Two Camp Addicts Share The Joys Of Nomadic Living

Do you ever question the meaning of the phrase “settle down”? Kelly and Marshall did. Today these two full-time RVing nomads put their old lives behind them for an endless adventure on the open road and a website for camp addicts that they can run from anywhere.

Not content to put up with the flying cockroaches, humidity and hurricanes that inundate her home state of Florida, Kelly Beasley, age 44, hit the road nearly three years ago with her two dogs Gizmo and Trixie.

“Right after the end of an 8-year relationship, I found myself with nothing holding me back,” she explains. “With a rental income stream and a part-time job that could go mobile, and no relationship stopping me, I jumped at the chance to live like a nomad.”

She sold her house and the contents inside it to buy a truck and trailer. Soon she was on the road discovering the joys of dry camping throughout the country. It’s not always easy being a solo woman RVer but the benefits far outweigh the draw backs she says. She discovered the joys of dry camping far from civilization and shares them in an article she wrote called The Hold-Your-Hand Guide To Boondocking Without Fear.

News and media only show us the worst of what goes on in the world. They lead us to believe that without the supposed ‘security net’ of society, we are vulnerable to some sort of attack . . . Is it safe to be out on public land all alone? HELL YES. It’s way safer than living in a city! Or the suburbs, even. Why? Because if you’re scared of other people, just know this: Criminals are lazy. They don’t drive out to BLM land looking for a target.

She laughs at the thought of returning to a conventional sticks-and-bricks lifestyle.

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