Three Ways to Keep Warm When RVing in Winter

The weather gurus at the Old Farmer’s Almanac released the Winter Weather Forecast for 2017 – 2018 and it’s not great. If you’re a snowbird RV you need to pay attention to these three ways to keep warm when RVing in winter.
Is your RV winter-friendly? Image: iRV2 member kgchampagne
Snowbirds in Texas or California won’twon’t escape a cold wet winter in the coming months. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, “much of the South and West can expect to feel cooler than normal.” However you may be able to ditch the heavy coat if you head to Florida or the Southeast, “where milder-than-usual temperatures will be felt” according to the 2018 winter weather forecast.
3 Ways to Keep Warm When RVing in Winter
Regardless of where you go, cold snaps are inevitable. The good news is you can do something to prepare for those brisk days. Here are three ways to keep your RV warm in winter.
Invest in a secondary heat source.
A secondary heat source is helpful for RVing in winter. Image: iRV2 member Mau Mau.
Ditch the expensive and dangerous space heaters for a secondary heat source. In his RV Life article “How to Avoid Winter Camping Problems in Your RV,” boondocking expert Dave Hegelson suggests a catalytic RV heater or an oil-filled electric heater.

“Your built-in forced-air furnace should always be the primary source as the ducts are routed to keep the plumbing from freezing and keeping the occupants warm. Further, a secondary option are oil-filled electric heaters. They emit a mild radiant heat, are essentially noise-free and present little fire hazards. Catalytic safety heaters too, which run on propane rather than electricity, offer radiant heat and operate safely below the combustion level of flammable materials.”

Get an electric blanket.
Save money and warm upwith an electric blanket.
Don’t want to invest in an extra heater?

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