No Road? No Worries with Overland RV Trailers and Toads

Let’s face it, RVs are great for driving into the outdoors. Unfortunately our houses on wheels can’t go everywhere. True outback exploring requires more nimble, rugged overland RV trailers or at minimum a tow vehicle (toad) outfitted with sleeping quarters.

The annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas is a prime source of ideas for overland RV trailers and toads. It’s the biggest trade show for the automotive industry, but the public can also attend for a price. At this year’s event, dozens of overlanding RV trailers and toads were on display but two stood out from the rest: Australia’s Patriot Campers and Portugal’s James Baroud Rooftop Tents.
A MiniCooper outfitted with James Baroud rooftop tent.
Explore Anywhere with Overland RV Trailers
Sturdy and built for off-road travel, overland RV trailers are popular with people who want a back country experience that normal RVs just can’t deliver. Many opt to convert their existing tow vehicle into a DIY overlanding toad while others with more cash just buy a ready-to-go model with all the bells and whistles. A few brave souls will even triple-tow it behind their RV’s toad!
Overland camping for most people isn’t usually as epic as an Earthroamer off-road vehicle or a KiraVan extreme RV. The typical camper tows a scaled-down but sturdier version of a regular RV. Some rigs are as simple as a rooftop tent installed on a 4×4 jeep, while others also include a galley, sleeping quarters and bath.
The Overland RV Trailer Built for the Outback Tackles North America

At this year’s event, Australia-based Patriot Campers showcased their Grand Tourer trailers. These rigs meet the needs of serious overlanding enthusiasts who don’t mind paying top dollar to have the best overland RV trailer money can buy.
The largest of the company’s two rigs is the X1. Built from a monocoque aluminum body that weighs in at just under a ton when fully loaded, you can

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