Are You Taking Chances with RV Business Advertising Graphics?

It’s common to see private trailers and motor coaches with RV business advertising graphics splashed across the rig. Some have vinyl lettering with a simple business logo. Others slap full-color wraps on every square inch. Today, many nomadic entrepreneurs use their RVs for business purposes. Unfortunately many of them may not be carrying the right kind of RV insurance coverage.
3 Things to Know About RV Business Advertising Graphics for our RV

In a Branding Your Rig webinar, RV insurance experts explained why applying logo graphics on your RV can be risky. Sponsored by Xscapers, a segment of the Escapees RV Club, the discussion featured a RV insurance expert, a well-known RV safety educator and a certified public accountant. Here’s what they wanted nomadic entrepreneurs to know.
Advertising Your Logo is a Red Flag to Your Insurance Company
RVs can make eye-catching rolling advertisements, but the minute you announce your business on the RV, your insurance company probably sees you as a commercial vehicle owner. This puts you in a different pool of insureds, which personal RV insurance policies don’t cover.
“When your logo is on the rig, and it’s clear you are using it for commercial purposes, you need a commercial policy,� explains Courtney Wooge, President of FCIS Insurance in Iowa. “The bigger the ‘billboard’ the higher the chance you need commercial coverage,� he says.
Whether or not you see customers inside your RV, using it for business use isn’t much different than a retail store or restaurant opening its doors to the public. In the eyes of RV insurance companies, using a motor home, trailer or other RV places the owner into a higher-risk insurance category. “Insurance companies see it as a “rolling office,� says Wooge.
The Effects of a Commercial RV Insurance Policy
When you work from your RV, the cost implications of RV business advertising graphics are enormous. For example, let’s say your insurance agent doesn’t know you’re

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