The Climate Change Impact on RVing: Can You Cope?

RV sales are hot right now, but not nearly as scorching as the climate change impact on RVing we’re about to experience. You don’t need to hang up the keys, but rather learn to stay alive during cataclysmic weather events predicted for the future. Here’s what you need to know to keep climate change from ruining your adventures.
Get Ready for the Climate Change Impact on RVing Adventures
Climate change will impact your travels in 2019.
According to the experts at the Fall 2018 Northwest Climate Conference in Idaho, the U.S. and the rest of the world will see more wild weather in 2019. “If the guesses are right, if the models are right, things are not looking good,� a University of Idaho scientist told colleagues at the conference, according to the Idaho Statesman Newspaper.
If you camped beneath the smoke-filled skies of the west in 2018, you know what these scientists are talking about. During summer, over five million acres of forest lands burned to the ground.
More unpredictable and scary weather events are expected to follow. Watch for flooding, severe storms with high winds and more out of control wildfires.
For a preview, check out the 2018 Climate Assessment Report. Published by over 300 U.S. scientists, weather predictions include less snow, more flooding, droughts and increasingly unpredictable rain dumps across the west. In the Midwest, flooding, soil erosion, and water quality issues from agricultural runoff will dominate the landscape. Back east, worsening humidity, rising sea levels, algae blooms and record numbers of tropical storms will continue.
In addition, the effects of the upcoming weather phenomena known as El Nino and La Nina will likely have a tremendous impact on the planet’s climate. Climate change will impact RVing into next year and well into the future. Here’s how to deal with it.
Choose a Boondocking Campsite with Care
Your first step in staying safe is to pick a campsite carefully. For

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