Is this the End of First Come, First Served Campsites?

Spontaneous road trips are a way of life for many outdoor lovers. But the end of first come, first served campsites may dampen those adventures. All across the U.S., scoring that perfect campsite at a moment’s notice is becoming a thing of the past. Now, many of the mhe most popular public campgrounds require reservations just to get past the gate.
The End of First Come, First Served Campsites is Welcomed by Many, Despised by Others
Campsite reservations are now mandatory in many places.
Snow is still on the ground in many U.S. cities. But right now, campers are already booking their summer RV camping reservations for popular campgrounds. That’s because from California to Maine and everywhere in-between, the busiest public campgrounds have already made the switch to a “reservations onlyâ€� system.
The move likely started about two years ago, maybe longer. That’s when the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) eliminated the availability of all “first come, first servedâ€� campsites in the entire state. Today’s campers can reserve all state park campsites, even on the same arrival day.
Other states took notice of Minnesota’s move. Last year, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) department voted for the end of first come, first served campsites g in five state parks. And most recently, CPW officials announced that a total of twenty-two state parks are doing the same. Starting in 2019, any camper arriving at one of the state’s many designated reservations-only campgrounds must have a reservation. Anyone caught camping without a reservation will be fined.
Finally, in a move that will almost certainly spill over into other national parks, Utah’s Zion National Park is kicking off the 2019 camping season by switching to reservations-only camping at the two most popular campgrounds, South and Watchman.
For now, some park systems are only requiring campsite reservations during peak season. For example, at

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