Get RV Lemon Law Protection with Just Nine Words

The next time you go RV shopping on a dealer’s lot, remember these nine words that may give RV lemon law protection:
“We give buyer a 24-hour warranty against defects.�
You may not expect that shiny new RV sitting on a dealer’s lot to turn into a lemon. But if it does, as long as you have this phrase hand-written on your sales contract, you might have protection under the law.
Nine Words That May Give RV Law Lemon Protection
Don’t go RV shopping without this phrase.      Image: PaulBR75
Aside from RV inspections, those nine words are one of the best ways to protect your rights when buying from RV dealers, according to lemon law activist and lawyer Ron Burdge. That phrase may give what you want from the dealer, should things go wrong later on down the road.
“It gives you that 24-hour warranty,� explained Burdge in a recent RV Show USA podcast. But that’s not all, he said. With those words added in writing to any standard contract, the federal consumer protection act known as the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act will kick in. This automatically gives the buyer an “implied warranty of merchantability� that may be good for as long as four years in most states.
Hand-written words on a contract may seem like a gamble, but Burdge went on to explain that legally, any hand-written phrase written on a contract by the seller will over-ride any pre-printed words – like the ones that proclaim that a dealer isn’t giving the buyer a warranty. With the nine words added to your contract at closing time, you automatically get a warranty under the federal consumer law. That warranty may often be better than the RV lemon law protection offered by your state.
“If you want to get a quality RV that someone is going to stand behind,

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