Adventures of a Globe Trotting, Van Dwelling Nomad

The globe trotting, van dwelling nomadic lifestyle isn’t for everyone. But for Lisa Marquardt, it’s been a dream come true. Smitten by the travel bug since taking a college age trip to Europe, the 45-year old insurance industry executive has since explored 96 different countries. This year she’ll even set foot on Antarctica.
By plane or van, she’s exploring the globe.
Lisa made the leap to domestic van dwelling in 2018. Now she’s taking her travel smarts to the roads of North America. While exploring Southern California’s Salton Sea region, she took a break from journaling in her blog, The Hotflash Packer, to share the highs and lows of globe trotting and van dwelling as a (mostly) solo adventurer.
Negotiating Her Way Through the World
Company downsizing isn’t always a good thing, but for Lisa it was the start to a whole new way of life. Several years ago when her employer needed to cut expenses, she volunteered for a forty percent pay cut. In return, she negotiated a work schedule that only requires her to work 60 percent of the hours necessary for full-time employment. The best part is that she retained all her benefits and has a regular paycheck – whether she works zero hours in a week or all forty from home, on the road or in the office.
All the basics, all the adventure.
Along with selling her home and eliminating all her debt, the unique arrangement allows her to explore the world on a schedule that most people don’t get to enjoy until retirement. And whether it’s by way of her 2017 Ford Transit Connect cargo van or by plane, she’s experiencing places most people will never have the opportunity to experience.
The internet provides a source of inspiration for her van camping and international travels. First she decides on a destination

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