How to Stay Legal When RVing with Marijuana in Canada

Canadians made pot legal at the federal level, but that still doesn’t mean RVing with marijuana in Canada is a joy ride. Many important rules apply when you’re carrying cannabis on board.
How to Go RVing with Marijuana in Canada

In 2018 the Canadian Cannabis Act set the national ground rules for legalized production, distribution, sale and use of cannabis products. Today, any adult over 18 can legally buy, possess, grow and share cannabis with other adults. But, Canada’s provincial and territorial governments have the right to override these rules however they see fit.
Don’t assume what’s legal in one place legal in the other. Here’s what you need to know about RVing with marijuana in Canada.
First, you’ve gotta ditch your stash before you get to the international border.
The Canadian Government’s stance on border crossing with cannabis says “It is illegal to bring cannabis into Canada. If you do have cannabis or products containing cannabis with you when you enter Canada, you must declare them to the Canada Border Services Agency. If you do not declare cannabis products when you enter Canada, you can face enforcement action, including arrest and prosecution.�
Whether you’re coming or going between Canada and the U.S., transporting weed in your RV across international borders is completely illegal, even if you are crossing in a state where cannabis is legal, such as Washington.
“This applies to cannabis or any product containing cannabis or even if the intended use is for medical purposes. Those who do can face serious criminal penalties, such as fines or even jail time, even if unintentional,� said immigration attorney Scott Bettridge in an interview with
Then you’ve gotta know where pot use is legal.
Once you get through customs you’ll find that when you go RVing with marijuana in Canada’s provinces and territories, you’ll encounter a puzzling patchwork

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