Three’s Company When Full-time RVing with Relatives

The nomad life felt like a natural fit for Maya and Ryan. Back when they started, full-time RVing with relatives just wasn’t on their radar. With a few years of travel under their wheels, things were rolling right along in a small Class C RV as they explored the U.S. and discovered ways to support their lifestyle. But when Maya’s mother’s health declined in 2017, everything changed for these minimalist lifestyle advocates. Today, the trio is traveling together and giving Maya’s mom a lifestyle that’s the envy of many home-bound seniors.
The Unexpected Joy of Full-time RVing with Relatives
(L to R): Maya, Tahoe and Ryan
Two years ago, Maya and her mother lived on opposite ends of the country. Maya and Ryan roamed the west in their car-free RV lifestyle, and Joan enjoyed a quiet life in her remote cabin perched in New York’s Catskill Mountains. The property was Joan’s retirement dream. “It was quiet and filled only with the noises of the animals like bears, deer, doves, squirrels, chipmunks,� Joan explains. “It was the home that I retired to and I loved it very much. But I was told that I couldn’t live alone any more due to my health.�
Joan’s diligent daughter Maya visited and helped with her mother’s health challenges. But she needed a permanent solution. Joan would have to move closer to the family. Convincing her mother to switch lifestyles didn’t happen overnight, says Maya. The simple living evangelist and creator of The Gradual Minimalist lifestyle movement was forced to initiate long, challenging conversations with her mother about the benefits of downsizing and living closer to West Coast relatives.
Off to California (and Beyond)
Joan, Maya’s mom, Safari Park, Oregon
At one point Maya asked her mother “If you could travel anywhere on this continent, where would you want to go?� The

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