Go RVing on Distillery Trails and Savor the Flavors

RVing on distillery trails is the perfect trip if your taste buds savor the flavors of an Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour cocktail made with small batch craft spirits. It’s never been easier to wrap an entire vacation around sampling the newest and best selections.
Boozin’, Cruisin’ and RVing on Distillery Trails in the USA
Distillery trails are in every U.S. state.
Small batch craft spirits are more popular than ever. In the U.S., about 1500 small distilleries are scattered from east to west, with more launching every year. Made with love by licensed mom and pop proprietors, these distilleries can call themselves “small batch” producers because they make under 750,000 proof gallons each year. They also aren’t owned or controlled by a large supplier.
An industry report called The 2017 Craft Spirits Data Project notes that the popularity of small batch whiskey, vodka, gin and other spirits is quickly catching up with craft beer sales in America.
RVing on distillery trails like Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail is a neat experience, but you won’t find much variety when it comes to the types of spirits being produced. If you’re out to cover a range of flavors, change your course of direction and go RVing in the top five states with the most craft distilleries. There’s nearly 550 distillery destinations between them (and counting!).

*source: American Craft Spirits Economic Briefing Data Project 10/17
Distilleries in these five states make up nearly 35% of the entire craft distillery market in America. They also happen to have plenty of great places to park your rig so you can imbibe responsibly and generously. The Distillery Trail features nationwide listings of craft distilleries, many of which are located in close proximity to one another. You won’t find better places to go RVing on distillery trails than the following five states.
Best California Distilleries for RVers
Over a dozen small

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