This Adventure-Bound Big DIY RV Has Tiny House Quality and More!

If you asked Brian and Sharon Jones “What’s the best rig for full-time living?� they will probably quip “The one you make yourself, of course!� This Texas couple knows. Their adventure-bound big DIY RV has all the best quality features of a well-made tiny house or high end RV. But it has a price tag that’s thousands of dollars less.
The exterior is done. Now for the inside!
“I think our home is unique in the tiny home world and the RV world,” says Brian, 45. He and his wife Sharon, 49, have seen enough RVs through the years to back up their confidence. They hit the road in 2012 when Sharon put her nursing job aside to follow a passion for photography and Brian stopped driving truck to write his first full-length novel, Indian Paintbrush. After workamping around the west and falling in love with the nomad life, they embarked on their homemade RV project after a disappointing search for second full-timing rig.
The trailer it was built atop.
“Our 2007 Jayco travel trailer was in good shape but with no end to this lifestyle in site for us, we decided we needed something more durable that would withstand thousands of miles possibly for the next 20 to 30 years and beyond. If decide not to travel, we wanted to have a real home we could park,” says Brian.
The framing.
Unfortunately, even the best quality RVs with reputations as a full-time RV rig couldn’t match their expectations of what a home on wheels should be like. Disappointed with what $100,000 would get them, they decided to invest time, money and construction skills into building their dream home.
Features a maintenance-free metal exterior.
Now, their one-of-a-kind big DIY RV design is chronicled at their blog. The tiny house movement inspired their project. It features a maintenance-free metal exterior

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