Unforgettable RV Tripping to Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia

Taking the great American Alaska RV road trip this summer? If so, don’t miss unforgettable RV tripping to Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia.
RV Tripping to Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia
The Murray River, Tumbler Ridge. All images: LiveWorkDream.com
When you go RVing to Alaska, you quickly discover that many RV parks are booked solid during the busy summer travel season. And if do what it takes to avoid campground crowds, you will appreciate the one hour diversion when you go RV tripping to Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia.
This must-see side trip is located about an hour south of Dawson City, the official beginning of the Alaska Highway. Tucked away from the flow of RV traffic pointed north to Alaska on Highway 97, it’s an off-the-beaten-path pit stop that’s worth the extra drive.
Tumbler Ridge doesn’t get much attention since most RVers are laser-focused on the main road to Alaska. But here’s why you shouldn’t miss this spectacular place, an important UNESCO Tumbler Ridge Geopark.

Why is Tumbler Ridge So Special?
Tumbler Ridge is a newer tourism destination on the way to Alaska. A former company-owned coal mining town, the local economy was on the decline in the early 2000s.
But it was around that time when the people of Tumbler Ridge quickly gained a greater appreciation for the region’s spectacular forests, waterfalls and geological significance. A large amount of dinosaur footprints and bones unearthed around the area also helped. Archaeologists and paleontologists were called in. Soon, more significant remnants of the Jurassic and Ice Age appeared.
Ankylosaur tracks at Flatbed Cabin Pool.
More notable paleontology finds you’ll discover in Tumbler Ridge include:

Ten tyrannosaur tracks (only fifteen have been discovered worldwide!)
Ankylosaur (armored dinosaur) tracks encased in 97 million year old rocks
300 bones from different dinosaurs, fish, crocodiles and turtles, and many kinds of clams and plants

Today the town has built its tourism

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