Go Camping and Glamping at Your Campground of the Future

Your campground of the future is just around the corner. Imagine your camping experience featuring everything from self-driving smores delivery bots to elevated campsites built atop water causeways. Kampgrounds of America’s big reveal spotlights what the future of RVing and tent camping may look like.
What is Your Campground of the Future?
What does the campground of the future look like?
If anyone knows what the majority of RV and tent campers want, it’s KOA. Each year their annual North American Camping Report releases survey results that shed insight on the habits and camping wish-lists of long-time and newbie campers alike.
Most recently, the report indicated that campground visits are booming. Since 2014, there has been an addition of an estimated 7 million new camper households in the U.S. The percentage of campers who camp three or more times annually has increased by 72 percent.
Even more telling is the report finding that modern campers are seeking more than a fishing derby or campfire cookout. Younger campers want to steer clear of cookie-cutter concrete campgrounds. They want different types of experiences, like glamping and van dwelling outings that get them closer to nature.
“With the increase in camping popularity comes a greater need to ensure the longevity of camping through smart design and preservation of nature,� said KOA’s CEO Toby O’Rourke. “We believe that thoughtful use of technology and devotion to sustainably growing camping offerings will meet the increased expectations of campers, while further enhancing that connection with nature that camping provides.�
Your Campground of the Future Forecast
At a recent RV industry trade show, KOA turned heads when the company showcased their take on camping experiences of the future. KOA’s Campground of the Future website is a jump into the company’s forecast of futuristic camping experiences that take guest wishes into demand as well as incorporate modern

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