Three Common Sense RV Housekeeping Tips

When your home flies down the highway at 65 miles-per-hour, things are bound to shift inside. After twelve years as a full-time nomad picking up the pieces on an almost daily basis, I’ve discovered a few lightbulb moment RV housekeeping tips for better travels. Follow along and you can prevent or fix some of the more common domestic hassles in your RV too.
RV Housekeeping Tips for Good Times on the Road
As the traveler responsible for the inside of our RV, it’s my job to deal with the results of interior RV calamities. From spoiled food in the refrigerator, to objects flying out of cabinets, and closet clothes landing on the floor, it wasn’t unusual to deal with all three in one day. But over time I’ve discovered better ways to prevent these RV domestic disasters. My three best RV housekeeping tips acquired after twelve years on the road are so simple, I can’t believe it took me this long to think of them.
Tip #1: Keep closet hangars facing forward.
There’s nothing to buy to keep closets neat.
The only wardrobe closet in our fifth wheel trailer is in the rear and far from the axles. I’ve never ridden in back when the rig is moving, but I’m guessing there is a lot of bounce back there. That’s because each time we stop and I look inside that closet, all of our jackets are laying on the floor.
I tried using baby bungee cords to keep hangars from jumping out of the rack, but they were a major hassle. Someone suggested placing a tension bar in front of the hangers, but before I ran out to buy one, I learned one of the most “Duh!� RV housekeeping tips ever: keep all hangars facing forward, and they won’t fall out.
It worked! If there’s a physics

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