2019 RVer Census Survey Shows Booming Nomadic Life

If you think campground neighbors look different these days, you’re not imagining it. The 2019 RVer census survey by Escapees RV Club spotlights fascinating changes in recreational vehicle ownership and lifestyle.
Why Wait for Retirement? Younger Nomads Reflected in 2019 RVer Census Survey
Grandma and grandpa, move over. Today’s RVers are getting younger and more diverse than ever. The annual RV Census conducted by Escapees RV Club reflects the shifting look of modern RVers.

Of 7800 survey respondents, 43% are under 65, the usual age of retirement
25% work while on the road, with 58% of them working remotely at least part-time
3% travel with their children
2% travel with a same-sex companion

“Considering how many RVers began traveling in their 40s-50s, it’s no surprise that this same age group is on the rise among today’s RVing community,” writes Escapees RV Club.
“Though larger industry research indicates this age group represents a smaller percentage of all RVers, data also shows that their numbers are climbing. It is refreshing to see growth in this demographic as it is young RVers who will continue to sustain this lifestyle as the older generations hang up their keys.”
Infographic by Escapees RV Club
This Escapees RV Club census is a closer look at the habits of today’s recreational vehicle owners. It is one way in which club leaders can actively fight for the rights of all RVers. Ongoing advocacy efforts include overnight parking law challenges, changing state residency requirements, health insurance access and more.
“This census is one way that we ensure we are considering the needs and goals of all RVers as we undertake those challenges,” say authors of the report.
The club ran the 2019 RVer Census Survey between November 30, 2018 to April 12, 2019. It was open to the RV community at large, although most survey respondents were Escapees RV Club members.
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