Top Three Alaska Highway RV Driving Tips for Newbies

Experienced old-timers know that Alaska Highway RV driving is better ever. But as we discovered last year when we headed north, the journey is still one of the most challenging RV trips in North America. If you’ve dreamed about doing the drive, here are the top three Alaska Highway RV driving tips to know before going.
Love it, hate it, you’ll never forget Alaska Highway RV driving. Image:
The Top Three Alaska Highway RV Driving Tips for Newbies
From the endless parade of wildlife to the day we broke a leaf spring near the appropriately named Destruction Bay, a year’s worth of planning still didn’t prepare us for the unforgettable highs and lows we experienced on the Alaska Highway. Everyone’s experience RVing to Alaska is slightly different, but here are the three things I think everyone who tackles Alaska Highway RV driving needs to know.
One: The Milepost will be your bible.
Don’t go without The Milepost
Many great RVing to Alaska books have been written through the years. But none come close to providing the indispensable information contained in The Milepost. In a place where cellular service is a surprising luxury and only a fool relies on the internet to chart a course, The Milepost is the complete guide to the Alaska Highway. You’ll know about everything from RV parks to historic locations to what to expect every mile of the way.
The sheer size of the Milepost is daunting. But once you get to know how the information is laid out, you’ll understand how it can help make your journey less stressful and more interesting. We carried multiple electronic and print books for the journey. The Milepost was the only one we used on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.
Don’t skimp, get the newest edition before you go, since Alaska Highway RV driving information changes

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