Underrated Interstate Attractions for RV Road Trips: Rawlins, Wyoming

You never know what you’ll find when you exit the interstate. If you find yourself on Interstate 80 in Wyoming, make a stop in Rawlins. It could be one of America’s most underrated interstate attractions for RV road trips. The small community is well hidden from drivers but worth a stay.
America’s Underrated Interstate Attractions for RV Road Trips: Rawlins, Wyoming
Scenery around Rawlins. Image Courtesy of the Carbon County Visitors Council
This little gem holds plenty of adventure. In a state with just six people per square mile, there’s a surprising amount of things to do here. Rawlins is located about midway between the Utah and Nebraska borders. The small community is stashed among rolling fields of sagebrush and high desert terrain.
Like all frontier towns caught in the crosshairs of America’s interstate travel system, the community’s most attractive features are reserved for intrepid RVers willing to exit the highway for a day or more.
Why Rawlins is Great for RVers
Rawlins has three full-service RV parks. Image: LiveWorkDream.com
Founded in 1867 by US Army General John A. Rawlins, it’s the county seat with fewer than 10,000 residents. Yet Rawlins has everything RVers need for overnight camping or longer stays. Check into one of the three highly rated Rawlins RV parks. Gather supplies at the many great independently-owned family businesses or stock up at the local big box stores. And plan on staying a while to explore attractions like:
The Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum
Take a gas chamber selfie at the Wyoming Frontier Prison. Image Courtesy of the Carbon County Visitors Council
Pay a nominal entry fee and take a selfie in a real gas chamber. You can touch the eerie gallows or step inside cell blocks of the Wyoming Frontier Prison. Open for business in 1901, over 13,000 inmates lived there for eighty years. Many served hard time producing goods

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